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17th & 18th September 2019

Get your hands on our Wagyu Beef Special bowl for only $5, normally $15.95. It’s not just any beef. Our wagyu beef has a marble grading of 4+. Premium wagyu is graded at 9+, but you’d have to give your left arm for that! Our wagyu is sourced locally from Queensland. Plus it is seared to order – yup we use a kick-ass blow torch!

If you choose the salad for your base, it’s not just any salad. It’s from the premium Hussey Farm in Victoria. There are 5 types of leaves & they’re triple washed too! 

AND, we’re also offering $5 Vegie Vibes & $5 I Lava Spice bowls as well!

But it’s only available at our Macquarie Centre store in NSW on the 17th & 18th September.

You must register for your voucher & show it to us in store.


(1) Offer is $5 for a choice of selected flavours: Wagyu special RRP $15.95, Vegie Vibes RRP $10.95 & I Lava Spice RRP $11.95 (2) Show proof of online registration at time of redemption (3) Small size bowl only (4) Redeem only at POKÉD Macquarie Centre store (5) Redeem only on Tuesday 17th or Wednesday 18th September 2019 (6) Multiple redemption of offer is allowed (7) Not with any other promotions