hawaiian poké

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$5 Bowls at Macquarie centre

17th and 18th September

For TWO DAYS ONLY get your hands on our Wagyu Beef Special bowl for only $5, normally $15.95. Our wagyu beef has a marble grading of 4+4 and is sourced locally from Queensland. AND, we’re also offering $5 Vegie Vibes & $5 I Lava Spice bowls as well!


What is Poké?

Poké (pronounced poh-kay) is one of Hawaii’s national dishes and a centuries-old classic. It was a healthy snack created by fishermen who would chop reef fish into small pieces, season with sea salt and seaweed, and eat with rice. 

Little did they know that their delicious creation would become a global food phenomenon. Poké has since evolved with Japanese and Korean influence and become a quintessential symbol of “aloha” and the peaceful Hawaiian way of life.